WUXAL® Foliar Fertilizer

Nutrition to the point

WUXAL® foliar fertilizers helps you with tailor-made solutions for specific plants and situations. A broad range of carefully formulated WUXAL® products helps increase crop yield and provides an exact and powerful answer to plant needs around the world.  Each product is designed to be effective right on the spot. That’s what we call: Nutrition to the point.

Discover the efficacy of our decades in research and development – and partner with us for successful and sustainable farming. 

The Benefits of Foliar Fertilization

WUXAL® foliar nutrition is a scientifically proven method for the sustainable and productive management of your crops. Healthy, efficient plant growth decreases the impact on the environment and takes your soil and fertilization to the next level.


Nutrition to the point

Farmers all over the world face the same kind of challenges every day. They reach from climate change to regulations, from time pressure to changing customer demands.  


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The WUXAL® Difference



High-quality raw materials, innovative formulation technology and other advanced properties offer you the highest level of value for your investment. WUXAL® products are dependable and safe even after prolonged storage periods.


Formulation Technology
You benefit from convenient to use products of exceptional quality which have grown out of our long and unique history of continuous technical advances.


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Additive Value
All WUXAL® products have carefully selected additives. You achieve maximum utilization of nutrients and enhanced growth with your tailor-made, complete spray solution.


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