Special Formulation Technology

What makes WUXAL® products so special is the underlying formulation technology. Our products can be adapted precisely to your region and crops and are constantly being improved. Over decades, experts have incorported their know-how to ensure WUXAL® products have the following unparalleled properties: 

  • premium nutrient carriers
  • high nutrient analysis
  • fully available plant nutrients
  • tailor-made formulations for specific demands
  • high compatibility with most crop protection products
  • specially activated nutrient additives

Liquids and Suspensions

Despite some similarities, WUXAL® liquids and WUXAL® suspensions stand out from other fertilizer brands because of our special formulation technology. Learn more below.


Since our beginnings in 1986, WUXAL has been our flagship in our positioning as suppliers of quality products.
Mauro Ferrari, Director’s assistant, Maisor, Uruguay

Unique Formulation

WUXAL® puts the power of high-quality raw materials and super-chelated cationic micro-nutrients into your formulations. This prevents unfavorable reactions, making it safe for the leaf surface. Not all nutrient forms perform equally on plant surfaces, so we ensure you get the nutrient carriers that are right for quick and safe uptake. Only water-soluble nutrients are effective for plant uptake, so you can be sure that we don’t use carbonates with poor foliar absorption – you get only 100 % water-soluble nutrients.

WUXAL® Global Innovation

Agriculture in the 21st century is faced with multiple challenges: More food and fiber must be produced by smaller workforces to feed growing populations. Many agriculture-dependent developing countries require help to advance. More efficient and sustainable production methods must be adopted and adjusted to climate change. WUXAL® applications are helping. Research and development teams from WUXAL® create innovative formulas, perfectly adapted to changing needs and crop requirements. This is key to sustainable and highly efficient growth.


You profit from:

  • the highest utilization, efficacy, and quality
  • outstanding product handling
  • unsurpassed shelf life




Quality & Analytics

To guarantee the constant high quality of your products, our experts focus on permanent quality control in our day-to-day production processes. Our certified laboratory is equipped with up-to-date analytical instruments for ICP-OES techniques, high-end rheological measurements and Kjeldahl N-analytics.


You can rely on:

  • nutrient analysis
  • heavy metal analysis
  • pH and density checks
  • compatibility tests
  • plant kinetics