Foliar Fertilization Benefits

Foliar fertilization supplements soil fertilization and works successfully as an expansion to your fertilization program. High quality and well-balanced WUXAL® foliar fertilizers provide your crops the specific nutrients they need to enhance their growth in the most critical stages.

Quick Nutrient Supply

The best nutrient boosts for your crops in the short-term are only possible through foliar fertilization. You can apply boron during flowering for an improved fruit set or use manganese against a developing deficiency on the leaves – soil-applied nutrients are never this quick or effective.

WUXAL® foliar fertilizers are applied directly to the plant tissue where nutrients are needed most. There is no need to put them in the soil or transport them through the entire plant.

Crop Stress Relief

During the long period of plant growth until harvest, many internal and external factors can have a negative impact on your plants. This includes stressors such as increased nutrient demand in specific growth stages, frost or droughts and herbicide applications.

WUXAL® foliar fertilizers and biostimulants are the best tools to combat or even prevent these stress factors quickly. You get the best results under the most difficult conditions.

Higher Yields and Quality

The nature of plant growth determines the yield and quality of your harvested products. Sound nutrition begins at seed level and extra foliar applications at the end of the year can improve bud formations for richer flowering in the following year.

A balanced foliar nutrition program that supplements soil fertilization, will raise yields and quality above and beyond ordinary levels and ensure robust crops in the most critical conditions.

Reduced Soil Pollution

Soil-applied nutrients have many more pathways to run off than with foliar applications. The leaching of specific nutrients into soils, such as nitrogen into ground water, is a huge problem, especially in light and sandy soils. Nutrients that bind easily to soil particles may not be available to the plant, although they are present in the soil.

An oversupply of nutrients to the soil may be sufficient to the plant but it puts great pressure on the environment. Foliar fertilization is environmentally friendly and can supplement your soil fertilization program in a targeted way.

Improved Spray Solutions

The factors influencing optimum spray performance are the stability and activity of ingredients, the nutrients and plant protection products along with product compatibility. WUXAL® fertilizers are developed to benefit the spray solution in a variety of ways.

The stability of crop protection products is maximized, enabling the fastest possible foliar absorption of nutrients, by buffering the spray solution to a pH range of neutral to slightly acidic. Compatibility agents prevent unfavorable reactions that could reduce active ingredient functionality or lead to clogging of spray nozzles.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Individually tailored, crop-specific nutrition is complex. Applying the right nutrient elements at the right moment and dosage can be extremely challenging. WUXAL® foliar fertilizers are perfectly adjusted to your specific needs and come with recommendations based on a long history of experience with fertilization around the globe.

Combining nutrients with plant protection products in a single application is worry-free, offering you the highest level of convenience and flexibility.

Foliar Absorption and Transport Mechanisms

Before assimilation can take place, a nutrient must be absorbed by the leaf or fruit tissue. Here are the four main steps in foliar nutrient absorption:


1  penetration through the cuticle

2  penetration through the epidermal cell wall

3  nutrient uptake into the cells

4  distribution inside the plant (nutrient mobility)


Efficient absorption depends mainly on the wetness of the leaf surface and the pH of the spray solution along with several other factors. The quality and the nutrient ratio of the formulation will determine the efficacy of absorption and agronomic performance. WUXAL® foliar fertilizers are equipped with special additives enhancing wetness, rainfastness and the penetration of the nutrients involved. They are formulated to ensure compatibility with most pesticides' active ingredients.


Essential Foliar Fertilization 

Every crop requires basic nutrition from soil fertilization. Foliar fertilization is essential for sustainable nutrition that makes the best use of your resources. Find out more about how foliar nutrition can make a major impact on your bottom line.


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Jon Harris, Technical Manager, Horticentre Group, New Zealand