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Nutrient transport and deficiency symptoms

22.11.2022 – In this episode of WUXAL Spotlight, we talk about what nutrient distribution depends on and give you tips on how you can better recognize and distinguish between different deficiency symptoms.

New logistics facilities

07.11.2022 – Within the framework of a ceremonial act, the foundation stone for the expansion and modernization of the new logistics facility of the company AGLUKON Spezialdünger was laid today.

Asia Fruit Logistica

02.11.2022 – This year we are represented with our own booth at the Asia Fruit Logistica in Thailand. Our colleagues are currently on site and have completed the first day of the trade fair.

What are the nutrients?

12.07.2022 – If you want to exploit the full potential of the plant, you must ensure an optimal supply of all required resources. In this episode of WUXAL Spotlight, we take a look at what plants need for healthy growth and development.

What do plants need?

13.04.2022 – If you want to exploit the full potential of the plant, you must ensure an optimal supply of all required resources. In this episode of WUXAL Spotlight, we take a look at what plants need for healthy growth and development.

Solutions in times of high prices

17.03.2022 – If you are suffering from high fertilizer prices, you can reduce costs by increasing your nutrient efficiency.

Support for Ukrainian children

03.03.2022 – To support the refugees, especially children, AGLUKON and its staff donate to the organization "Kinder Träume Schenken e.V.". If you want to do so as well, please go on reading.

Fruit Logistica

24.02.2022 – In April, WUXAL will be present at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Find us in Hall 1.2 at Booth B-11. 

WUXAL Buffering agents

06.01.2022 – The performance of your spray mix with foliar fertilizers and crop protection products is strongly affected by the pH value of the mix. Read the news and watch the latest episode of WUXAL Spotlight on how you can improve your spray quality using WUXAL with its buffering agents.

The WUXAL Formulation Technology

11.11.2021 – The WUXAL Formulation Technology is the basis of many beneficial properties that are integrated into our formulations. Read the news and watch the latest episode of WUXAL Spotlight on this topic.

WUXAL Spotlight

29.10.2021 – Hello and welcome to WUXAL Spotlight - the new video series on plant nutrition and foliar fertilization. We cover processes, practical information and product features that support you.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram!

29.07.2021 – We proudly announce our new Instagram and Facebook accounts for WUXAL International.


WUXAL Products for Organic Farming

24.03.2021 – Organic farming has become an established and rapidly growing market. Naturally, the range of fertilizers and other inputs which can be used in organic farming is very limited. WUXAL offers a range of products suitable to your foliar applications which comply with internationally renowned certification bodies. Boost your business with the strong solutions from WUXAL that are approved according to Reg. (EC) 834/2007 and additional national regulations.


WUXAL Success Stories - Profesor WUXAL

09.02.2021 – Our Partner Kwizda Agro Romania found a great way to get involved and to support farmers in the field. This platform is called Profesor WUXAL and it is available on Facebook and on profesorwuxal.ro.


Have a look behind the scenes with Product Manager Ana Vanatoru from Kwizda.

Nutrient uptake into the plant

09.12.2020 – Before a nutrient can be utilized in the plant, it must be absorbed by the leaf or fruit tissue. There are several barriers and channels nutrients must go through within the very complex leaf structure.


Key to a quick nutrient acquisition into the plant is a foliar fertilizer which is optimally adapted to the different requirements.

Convenient product handling with WUXAL

13.10.2020 – WUXAL foliar fertilizers offer sophisticated all-in-one solutions to guarantee highest convenience for the user and optimal care for plants. To maximize your return of investment, WUXAL products are well designed, starting from the recipe, through the careful selection of raw materials, to the packaging.

WUXAL Success Stories - Afrasa in Spain

22.09.2020 – Spain is one of the biggest countries in Western Europe with an important agricultural production. Learn more about our Spanish partner Afrasa and the efficiency results of WUXAL Calcium Xtra Uptake in grapes.

WUXAL - improving your tank mix

14.08.2020 –The factors influencing optimum spray performance are the stability and activity of ingredients, the nutrients and plant protection products along with product compatibility. WUXAL fertilizers are developed to benefit the spray solution in a variety of ways. The stability of crop protection products is maximized, enabling the fastest possible foliar absorption of nutrients, by buffering the spray solution to a pH range of neutral to slightly acidic. 

WUXAL Success Stories – Growth in Africa

30.07.2020 – Africa has become an important market for WUXAL. Especially in the last ten years, the presence of WUXAL in Africa has significantly increased so that WUXAL is currently active in 14 African countries. This growing success, which has not reached its peak yet, is based on the strong partnership between AGLUKON and our partner in each country as well as the outstanding effect of WUXAL on the productivity of various crops all over Africa.

Nutrient Interactions

13.07.2020 – Nutrients interact during uptake or inside the plant, which means they can either have synergistic (promoting) or antagonistic (inhibiting) effects. Foliar fertilization with WUXAL offers great possibilities to promote synergistic and overcome antagonistic nutrient interactions to support growth, yield, and quality of your crops. 

GoFoliar Campaign

30.06.2020 - The last years have shown a clear trend for the future of agriculture and horticulture. Regulatory issues, environmental impacts and other factors strongly influence the production and marketing of high-end premium special fertilizers. Foliar Fertilization has always been a key tool to increase quality and yield for all agricultural and horticultural crops. 

Effects of Nutrient Translocation

26.05.2020 – The ability of a plant to transport nutrients within the plant has significant effects on occurrence, severity and correction of deficiencies. Foliar fertilization with WUXAL guarantees nutrient requirements where they are needed, preventing local deficiencies caused by a poor distribution.

Biofortification of apples with Selenium

23.04.2020 – AGLUKON is participating successfully in the research and development project “BiofortiSe”, developing a technology to increase the selenium content in apples with WUXAL products.

New WUXAL Aminoplant

09.04.2020 – After 1 ½ years of tests and trials we are happy to announce the release of the NEW WUXAL Aminoplant formulation, which will be available from now on.

New Distribution Partner in Brazil

31.03.2020 – The brand WUXAL is well-known for its high-quality and highly effective specialty fertilizers in Brazil for more than 30 years. AMVAC do Brazil will from now on be the exclusive distribution partner for WUXAL in Brazil.

New myWUXAL Launches

05.03.2020 – The international version of myWUXAL has already been introduced to you. Lately several country-specific myWUXAL web apps have been launched in different markets. Read about first experiences and feedback.

WUXAL Terios Alga

19.02.2020 – The addition of biostimulating substances to the seed will further enhance the overall performance of the developing plant, and thus upgrade the value of your seeds.

WUXAL Ascofol in asparagus

24.01.2020 – WUXAL Ascofol is one of the top sellers in the WUXAL portfolio. In Germany it is successfully used in asparagus.

Extended WUXAL Ascofol Portfolio

18.12.2019 – Your crops face many stress factors throughout the season, from environmental stresses such as drought and heat to plant injuries or herbicide usage. WUXAL Ascofol products are a proven way of stimulating plant growth even in tough conditions.

WUXAL - A success story

04.12.2019 – Over the last 10 years, WUXAL products, especially the state-of-the-art WUXAL Suspensions, have gained a lot of importance globally.

WUXAL Product Brochure

31.10.2019 – The WUXAL Brand Package is now completed by the new Product Brochure, giving you an overview about the perfect protection for your crops and investments using WUXAL.

AGRI-Malaysia Trade Show

17.10.2019 – This year we were able to join and support our long-standing WUXAL partner Agrobridge at the 2019 AGRI-Malaysia trade show, one of the most important agricultural fairs in Malaysia.

Seminar for Ukrainian farmers

10.10.2019 – Professional farmers from Ukraine, together with our distribution partner Unifer, visited our headquarters in Germany. They learned how to improve spray solution properties with WUXAL and saw how WUXAL is being produced.

WUXAL Demo Kit

27.09.2019 – What is different in WUXAL? This question often arises, when our products are on the test bench. We can give you easy answers for a complex question. And the best part is, we can also visualize the difference by using our Demo Kit!

Added Value of WUXAL

28.08.2019 – What makes out the perfect product if you aim for highest yields and quality?

The WUXAL Symphony

22.08.2019 – Farmers all over the world are facing their personal challenges just like you are. The key to success is knowing which instruments can meet for your specific challenges.

WUXAL Brand Guidelines

06.08.2019 – Conclusive and appealing communication facilitates access to products. Find out how WUXAL can support you in your communication.

Seminario Caribe

16.07.2019 – Our partners from Central America have gathered to discuss future developments in this region.

4th International WUXAL Conference

12.07.2019 – At this year’s conference the present WUXAL characteristics and brand communication have been discussed as well as innovations for future times. Our partners from all over the world have supported us to be able to continuously offer the best solutions for your needs.

New international Brand Appearance of WUXAL

13.02.2019 – With a fresh and new design of our Premium Brand WUXAL we are excited to introduce you to our re-designed brand appearance. The new look of wuxal.com is the first part of the international re-design of WUXAL.

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