WUXAL Succes Stories – Growth in Africa

30.07.2020 –Africa has become an important market for WUXAL, as the continent has a huge potential for agronomic production of various crops. Foliar fertilization with WUXAL boosts the productivity and quality of crops all over Africa. Especially in the last ten years, the presence of WUXAL in Africa has significantly increased so that WUXAL is currently active in 14 African countries.


The countries, in which WUXAL is present, are highlighted in blue:



The North African countries Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, and Libya have already been home countries of WUXAL since a long time, but during the last ten years WUXAL has started to develop in the rest of the continent. An astonishing growth has taken place and will move forward in the future.


The increase of market share in various countries began with the selection of key partners who were capable of developing registration projects, which are often requiring long term field trials. Trainings and seminars for technical and commercial teams, which transferred the WUXAL benefit to the end user, have set the foundation of the success and have raised the awareness for foliar nutrition of crops.


At present, WUXAL is further available in Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria, and has an excellent reputation as a premium brand for foliar nutrition and seed treatment.


On the one hand, the success of WUXAL is always based on a solid partnership with a deep cooperation between AGLUKON and our partner in each country. For example, in Ethiopia, there is an excellent collaboration network with CropSave Trading and EABC, the Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation. In Kenya, we are proud to have a strong partnership with Bayer CropScience.


On the other hand, the success of WUXAL is due to the outstanding effect on the productivity and quality of crops all over Africa. The reliable products satisfy and convince the farmers and give them a good return of investment. 


Potatoes treated with WUXAL Macromix



Especially WUXAL Macromix, which offers a high amount of NPK plus the full micronutrient set, has become a key product of the success in Africa. As soils are often barren and low in nutrients, foliar fertilization with WUXAL shows great effects. It increases the yields (see trial result in wheat below) and thus helps to nourish the people by producing more food. WUXAL Macromix is such a suitable product in Africa because it can be used in all crops for enhancing yields. In addition, for the huge variety of different crops grown in Africa, tailor-made WUXAL products with specific nutrient compositions are used, which are adapted to the needs of the respective crop.



WUXAL in Africa – this success story has not reached its peak yet. There is still a lot of potential on the African continent which needs to be used and WUXAL will further grow in Africa.



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