The WUXAL® Additive Advantage

High-performance WUXAL® additives are incorporated into our products to guarantee the highest usability and convenience. You profit from the additional properties in our fertilizer that ensure you get the most from your plants.


Buffering Agents

The pH of a spray solution is an important factor for nutrient and pesticide efficiency. With the addition of WUXAL® buffering agents, the pH achieves an optimal level. Foliar fertilizers perform best in a neutral to slightly-acidic range. This also improves the stability of pesticides.

Your benefits

  • pH adjustment of the spray solution to an optimal level
  • improved uptake, efficiency, and pesticide stability

Chelating Agents

Cationic microelements (e.g. zinc) and phosphate tend to build insoluble precipitates, which are then not available to the plant. Super-chelation with fortified WUXAL® chelating agents protects cations from reactions to ensure nutrients remain available.

Your benefits

  • nutrients remain available to the plant
  • increased absorption of nutrients and pesticides


Not all products combine well in a spray. WUXAL® products are developed to achieve the highest level of compatibility with other WUXAL® products and all plant protection products. Compatibility is affected by many factors, such as nutrient conveyance, formulation technology, and chelation.

Your benefits

  • optimal efficiency of fertilizers and plant protection products
  • convenient handling
WUXAL provides sustained satisfaction and security for partners and users.
Dr. Eva Hölzl, Managing Director, MANNA Italia


Water evaporates before a spray droplet reaches the leaf, especially under sunny and warm conditions. WUXAL® anti-evaporants regulate evaporation and prevent droplets from drying out before reaching the leaf. This also reduces evaporation on the leaf surface.

Your benefits

  • persistent spray solution
  • nutrients remain available for the plant


The spray film on the leaf surface starts to dry immediately after application. WUXAL® humectants attract the humidity that surrounds the leaves naturally, especially during the night, reactivating the spray film when it dries out. Nutrients are again able to penetrate into the leaves.

Your benefits

  • prolonged and optimized absorption
  • improved utilization


Ordinary spray solutions tend to run off leaves easily, especially during rainfall. WUXAL® stickers improve adherence to the leaves so that the spray film sticks. This minimizes nutrient and active ingredient wash off.

Your benefits

  • improved nutrient acquisition, even after rain
  • no loss of nutrients

Xtra Uptake

The bigger the area covered by the spray, the more the nutrients can penetrate into the leaves at a given time. Sprays containing WUXAL® Xtra Uptake spread out evenly into an extensive spray film on the leaves and additionally enhance the uptake into the leaves.

Your benefits

  • unique surfactant and penetrant technology
  • uniform wetting and enhanced nutrient absorption efficiency