All About WUXAL®

WUXAL® offers you a range of premium specialty fertilizers for foliar fertilization and nutrient seed enhancement. Introduced in 1963, it became a leading player in more than 70 countries worldwide. With each and every droplet of WUXAL® you benefit from decades of know-how that continues to be refined every day. Our premium quality promise comes with complete service support for your investment.


Continuous innovations in our formula provide you with the highest yields, year after year. WUXAL® develops innovative products that are adapted to the special needs of your crops and markets to adjust to constantly changing environmental conditions. WUXAL® liquids and the unique WUXAL® suspension technology have arisen from this innovative research program.

Made in Germany

From the development of the first WUXAL® fertilizer in 1963, our innovations and production have always taken place in Germany. With constant improvements, we guarantee state-of-the-art formulations meeting the highest quality, safety and effectiveness standards. Only carefully selected raw materials are processed in our modern production facility.



To further improve the formulation technology of our foliar suspension fertilizers, WUXAL® is spearheading a government-funded research project. We are helping in the fight against human malnutrition by enriching food with nutrients, essential for healthy and sustainable human nutrition. Research partners from the horticultural, industrial, commercial and health sectors are taking part.

WUXAL® Experiences

Farmers all over the world use WUXAL® – with great success. Take a look at what our distribution partners say about their product experiences to see the wide range of WUXAL® competencies.