Add foliar fertilizer to your mix

Agriculture and horticulture have come under increasing pressure from various sides over the recent years. More limiting regulation, environmental, and climate effects strongly influence farming and landscaping. The solution to some of these issues may come with foliar fertilizers such as WUXAL.


Foliar fertilization has always been a key tool to increase quality and yield for all kinds of crops. Its special benefits and unique efficacy turn it into the ideal supplement for your fertilizer mix – and into your powerful ally in the increasingly challenging agrobusiness.

Comply with regulations

Nowadays, with regards to fertilizers, the regulating authorities are getting stricter. Limits of maximum fertilizer usage per acre are reduced time-after-time to ensure environmental protection. The use of foliar fertilizers offers you more flexibility than with traditional ground fertilization alone. The nutrients are delivered to the plants with more efficiency.

Protect the environment

As a producer of food crops – such as wheat, potatoes or other staple crops – you face a dilemma. On the one hand, you are getting pressure to produce quality and volume at ever higher levels. On the other hand, you need to consider your farming’s impact on the environment. Foliar fertilization can support you in minimizing your impact on ground water and soil.

Deal with difficult conditions

Weather extremes and long, dry periods are some of the difficulties your plants face today. These conditions mean a lot of stress for your crops and represent a considerable risk to your success. In some of these situations, solid fertilizers work less effectively, if at all. Foliar fertilizers, such as WUXAL, offer you a fast, reliable way to deal with these conditions and protect your yield.

Get a better return on investment

Plants only need some nutrients and only in limited amounts of a few g/ha. Why should you waste nutrients by applying them to the soil instead of directly to the leaf? You can use less fertilizer with a better effect on the growth and health of your crops. Invest your money wisely and add foliar fertilizer to your mix.

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Increase efficiency when costs are rising

Are you looking for alternatives because of high fertilizer prices? Think about including a greater proportion of highly efficient foliar fertilizers in your program. This will allow you to achieve the best result with as few nutrients as possible. On top of that, you can prevent nutrient deficiencies easily with well-balanced balanced foliar fertilizers.

Safeguarding earnings when resources are scarce

If you must save fertilizer, make sure as many nutrients as possible still get to the plant to ensure your yields. Foliar fertilizers are much more efficient than soil fertilizers. So, in this situation, why not increase the foliar fertilizer percentage in the fertilizer mix? With this you get the most out of the resources you have.

I often compare solid fertilizers to trucks and foliar fertilizers to race cars. It’s not either, or. It is together that they are a powerful team that takes care of your crops.
Jan Meinel, Head of Marketing