Nutrient Functions and Deficiencies

Your plants need the right nourishment to ensure the best crops. That means getting to know the nutrients and understanding their functions and deficiencies. Certain nutrients in the plant cause growth and reproduction. Macronutrients are consumed in relatively large amounts and micronutrients are consumed in smaller amounts. All nutrients are necessary for proper plant growth but if one nutrient is lacking, whether at the macro or micronutrient level, your plant growth will be impaired.


High quality, perfectly balanced WUXAL® foliar fertilizers provide your crops with all the nutrients they need. Fast nutrient uptake and rapid corrections to nutrient deficiencies are possible due to tailor-made nutrient solutions. Learn more about the different nutrient functions and deficiencies below.

The myWUXAL App

Whether your goal is beautiful fruit coloration or high sugar formation or both, you need to have an eye on your plant nutrition. As nutrient mobility is often limited within the plant and nutrient supply via the soil is insufficient, targeted foliar fertilizer applications are the best way to ensure your crops show the desired results. Learn more about what properties you can promote in your crops with myWUXAL.


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