WUXAL Products for Organic Farming

24.03.2021 – Organic farming has become an established and fast-growing market. Over the past years, the demand for foliar fertilizers has increased significantly in the organic farming segment.


WUXAL products for organic farming are a great tool to achieve a good supply of all essential nutrients for your plants to perform on the highest level. You get the right solution for your specific problem that you are facing. Prevent your plants from micronutrient shortage or turn up the quality through a calcium application. WUXAL even includes strengthening agents for plants that suffer from stress. No matter what, WUXAL is the right choice for your organic program.


WUXAL has developed several products that are approved for organic farming. This allows you to benefit from the great advantages of WUXAL Fertilizers in your nutritional program. The products are an excellent choice for conventional and organic cultivation.


Leaf structure


The approval of products that can be used for organic farming is a complex process. The individual formulations including all raw materials must be specifically approved for organic farming. The European legislation according to Reg. (EC) 834/2007 provides a uniform basis for use in organic farming throughout Europe. Beyond this, there are further, even stricter requirements of local associations on a national level. WUXAL products that are approved for organic farming comply with the EU legislation and with several even stricter requirements on national level.


Our Certified Products


WUXAL Amino is an organic biostimulant for a quick revitalization of stressed plants. It contains organic nitrogen that is completely available to the plant plus amino acids and polypeptides.


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WUXAL Aminocal

WUXAL Aminocal is a calcium formulation that contains a natural polypeptide plus manganese and zinc. It improves fruit quality, the fruit storage potential and the promotion of fruit color.


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WUXAL Aminoplant

WUXAL Aminoplant is a highly concentrated plant extract biostimulant. It stimulates the natural plant defense against pathogens and promotes root growth. WUXAL Aminoplant is particularly recommended for improving seedling quality and resistance during transplanting.


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WUXAL Ascofol

WUXAL Ascofol is a highly concentrated natural seaweed suspension with boron, manganese and zinc. It has a stimulating effect on plants under stress and stimulates early cell division and fruit set.


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WUXAL Multimicro Fluid

WUXAL Multimicro Fluid is a highly concentrated micronutrient solution with Magnesium and Sulphur. The micronutrients are chelated to ensure a quick and reliable absorption via the leaves in all crops.


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WUXAL Oilseed

WUXAL Oilseed is a micronutrient suspension with boron, manganese and molybdenum. The composition meets the specific micronutrient requirements to produce high oil yields in oilseed rape and sunflower.


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