WUXAL Demo Kit

27.09.2019 – You get great products with high performance and the full additive package by using WUXAL. In addition to our focus on plant nutrition, we offer a full set of advantages for your maximum convenience.



Helping you to understand the product’s advantages, a visual demonstration kit has been developed. It will be easy for you to understand, how product additives work from the chemical point of view and how they improve your overall spray mix.

A good quality of the spray mix is becoming more and more important to many farmers worldwide. Not only foliar fertilizers unfold their full potential under optimal spray conditions. The effect of other mixing partners, like crop protection products will be promoted in various ways as well.


  • Optimal spray mix pH for optimal uptake and minimal degradation of active ingredients
  • Accelerated penetration into the leave
  • Prevention of clogging of spray nozzles due to hard water



You will surely be convinced by the live effects of the WUXAL Demonstration Kit and you will easily understand the great returns for your investment. The Demonstration Kit is a portable tool to illustrate the effect of the adjuvants that are included in WUXAL fertilizers beside the nutrient contents.


  • Chelation
  • Sticker effect
  • Buffering effect
  • Water hardening
  • Xtra Uptake – penetration enhancer