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09.02.2021 – Ana Vanatoru is Product Manager for Fertilizers at Kwizda Agro Romania. Together with her team, she did an in-depth research of the Romanian farmers’ necessities and interests regarding plant growth enhancement. The aim was to figure out new ways of reaching farmers and helping them to improve their farming practices.


To highlight the benefits of the high quality and well-balanced WUXAL Foliar Fertilizers, Ana and her team developed a digital cross-platform project named “Profesor WUXAL”. We talked to Ana in order to understand what the purpose of this project is and how does it help Romanian farmers.


Leaf structure



Hi Ana, would you mind telling us, who Profesor WUXAL is and where we can find him?



Yes, of course! Profesor WUXAL plays the role of a virtual teacher who is specialized in plant nutrition issues and solutions and is able to provide farmers relevant information that can help them with their daily challenges and increase their business ROI. You can find Profesor WUXAL, both on Facebook and web.





When did you start Profesor WUXAL and what are your aims?



In the beginning, we intended to create an educational website for our farmers. Our goal was to build up a virtual and easily accessible space where farmers can find useful input for their daily business and understand the benefits of foliar fertilization. Three years ago, we launched Profesor WUXAL successfully and have received great feedback since then.


Today, Profesor WUXAL addresses all farmers: The ones that grow a bunch of vegetables in their back yard, and those who are cultivating thousands of hectares with high-tech machinery. We address issues in a manner that is made easy-to-understand so that everybody will benefit from it.



What has been your biggest success with Profesor WUXAL so far?



Today, farmers in Romania better understand the importance of using highly effective foliar fertilizers like WUXAL. Knowing when and which products they need to use, is key for them to achieve their main goals – better quality and higher yield. Profesor WUXAL supports farmers to find answers to their questions and it is gratefully accepted by them.


Product manager Kwizda Agro Romania
Knowing when and which products they need to use, is key for them to achieve their main goals – better quality and higher yield.
Ana Vanatoru, Product Manager for Fertilizers at Kwizda Agro Romania

Beyond that, I am very proud of our video series regarding the efficiency of WUXAL additives. Together with my colleagues we tested WUXAL products in the lab and it was a great experience for us and a very useful content for our target audience. I always receive very positive feedback from farmers when I go out in the field with my colleagues. Many of them were not aware of the importance of the WUXAL Additives, until they saw the videos. Now they understand the real value of WUXAL. They are often especially impressed by the effects of the WUXAL Buffering Agents. Experiencing this is a great success and return for our hard work.



What kind of content are you communicating?



As we have two different channels, our website and Facebook, the content is different for each one.


The website is divided into 6 big categories:


Foliar absorption through stomatal pores


  1. News
  2. Detailed information on WUXAL Products
  3. The advantages of WUXAL Additives
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. An educational category with 2 sections
    • Information on nutrient functions, deficiencies and toxicities, supported by images
    • Overview of the specific nutrients and products that are useful and required in certain crops
  6. A section where farmers can reach us with their open questions


On Facebook we are very active, posting relevant content every other day during the farming season. The content is always something that is useful for the farmer in that certain moment of time. For example, in spring we recommend products that farmers should use during that season.


  • Field trials
  • Solutions for specific problems and challenges in different crops
  • Solutions according to the nutrient demand and to enhance the overall tank mix efficiency



What is the response that you get through the two channels?



We receive great personal feedback via Facebook and via our webpages. On our Facebook page we gained more than eight thousand followers in almost three years. This is a great success for us.



What topics do you plan to address in closer future?



Now, we are pointing at the importance of using foliar fertilizers. There are lots of critical moments for plants during their development. We recommend nutritional plans and solutions that include WUXAL products that can provide a great benefit for the farmers in terms of quantity and quality of the crops.


As spring season approaches, we are preparing the launch of our new ECO products that are suitable for organic farming. We are creating content that informs and engages farmers to use WUXAL products.


Organic agriculture is becoming more and more important in Romania. Our intention is to offer premium WUXAL foliar fertilizers that are highly efficient – no matter if they are applied in organic agriculture or in the non-organic sector.



It seems that farmers in Romania are facing the same everyday problems as they are doing everywhere else in the world, too. Discussing the importance of a high quality and well-balanced foliar fertilizer like WUXAL in the nutritional program, is key to a more successful agriculture.


Ana, we would like to thank you very much for your great work you put into Profesor WUXAL and we wish you a successful season 2021.



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