New WUXAL Aminoplant

09.04.2020 – A Refined Formulation for highest Quality

Under more difficult and more unpredictable environmental conditions biostimulants play an important role for today’s farmers. The products have to be absolutely convenient and include as much bioactive substances as possible, which can be very challenging to formulate.

WUXAL Aminoplant is one of the most popular products for the brand WUXAL. With the current rework we wanted to bring this formulation one step further and include the feedback, that we have received until today. The specification of the formulation has not changed but we have made some physio-chemical changes to improve the usability and the convenience of the formulation.

After 1 ½ years of tests and trials we are happy to announce the release of the NEW WUXAL Aminoplant formulation, which will be available from now on.



You can fully rely on the efficacy of the formulation that you already know and expect a better overall handling.

The key benefits of the new formulation are:


  • Enhanced product stability
  • Improved handling
  • Refined homogenization
  • Perfect flow properties


Since WUXAL Aminoplant is a liquid organic biostimulant processed from natural crude plant extracts – it has always been subjected by certain fluctuations. Our new processing and formulation technique offer us the ability to minimize these fluctuations and present a more stable product.

WUXAL Aminoplant is used to overcome abiotic stresses as well as to enhance root growth and to stimulate fruit set under stress conditions. It delivers a high amount of amino acids and a mixture of N-P-K nutrients for optimized take-up and effect. WUXAL Aminoplant is used preferably for foliar fertilization but can be used in fertigation as well. Added benefits through additives complete this Premium Biostimulant and led to its high reputation.

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