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13.10.2020WUXAL foliar fertilizers offer sophisticated all-in-one solutions to guarantee highest convenience for the user and optimal care for plants. To maximize your return of investment, WUXAL products are well designed, starting from the recipe, through the careful selection of raw materials, to the packaging. WUXAL elevates the efficiency of nutrient uptake and crop protection. All these characteristics are combined in WUXAL to make your work easier and more comfortable.


WUXAL products are well-balanced nutrient formulations. They bring essential nutrients to the plant and ensure that there is no lack of other nutrients. Our fluid products enable dust-free application and easy handling and dosage with highest nutrient contents possible. In WUXAL suspensions, these nutrients are included into a unique stabilization network that is capable of providing maximum stability during storage over a long time and quick and easy application after shaking the product. For an even faster application we developed a canister with an extra-large opening.


WUXAL 10-liter packaging with different opening sizes


The possible interactions of mixing partners in the spray tank is a critical issue. WUXAL uses only carefully selected raw materials in its well-engineered formulation and highly effective additives to create the best conditions. This ensures outstanding compatibility with crop protection products and creates optimal conditions for a long stability of active ingredients. Read more on improving your tank mix here.


Nutrient Uptake of WUXAL Calcium


Each raw material can be found on the market with great differences in quality, for example with regards to solubility and the amount of impurities like heavy metals or biuret and perchlorates. For our products we purchase raw materials of the highest quality and before they are used, additional internal quality controls are carried out. Some raw materials even reach a quality suitable for human consumption. As a result, you will benefit from products with the best solubilities and nutrient uptake rates into the plant, as well as highest crop safety. Especially as they are combined with the WUXAL Additives.


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