WUXAL - improving your tank mix!

14.08.2020 – The factors influencing optimum spray performance are the stability and activity of ingredients, the nutrients and crop protection products along with product compatibility. WUXAL fertilizers are developed to benefit the spray solution in a variety of ways.


The stability of crop protection products is maximized, enabling the fastest possible foliar absorption of nutrients, by buffering the spray solution to a pH range of neutral to slightly acidic. Compatibility agents prevent unfavorable reactions that could reduce active ingredient functionality or lead to clogging of spray nozzles. 


Most WUXAL and crop protection combinations are applicable 

WUXAL products are flexible to use and have highest level of compatibility with other WUXAL products and crop protection products. These properties are enabled by nutrient quality, formulation and chelation. Combining WUXAL with crop protection products in one application is tested regularly in our lab. Joint application is worry- free, convenient and cost-effective.



Selected WUXAL products buffer the tank mix

Buffering agents adjust the spray mix to the optimal pH range – from both neutral to slightly acidic. This leads to fastest foliar nutrient absorption and efficiency. Moreover WUXAL maximizes the stability of crop protection products to ensure that the shelf life of active ingredients is prolonged.


Buffering system



Increased shelf-life of crop protection product in the spray tank


Integrated water-conditioning complex

This unique WUXAL complex improves the condition of water in the tank mix up to 40° german hardness.

Hard water is problematic as naturally contained Ca- and Mg-Ions can result in precipitates which by reaction lead to blocked spray nozzles. This risk is reduced by addition of WUXAL products with integrated water-conditioning complex. Moreover the effectiveness of nutrients is ensured by adding WUXAL products as the nutrients will remain plant available.


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