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18.12.2019 – Your crops face many stress factors throughout the season, from environmental stresses such as drought and heat to plant injuries or herbicide usage. WUXAL Ascofol products are a proven way of stimulating plant growth even in tough conditions. Their bioactive ingredient, Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract, is combined with specific nutrient compositions. This increases tolerance against stresses and promotes crop growth and quality.



Ascophyllum nodosum is a brown alga growing in low waters of the North Atlantic. The alternation of high and low tides, as well as periods of drought and cold, causes stress situations in the seaweed. The alga builds up bioactive compounds like specific hormones to better survive under these extreme conditions.


The seaweed containing those compounds is formulated into WUXAL Ascofol products after a highly effective extraction method. The beneficial effects on stress response is transferred into cultivated plants so that your plants are more resistant to stress factors. Your plants will thank you this with an overall better performance.


Using WUXAL Ascofol products you will not only get an improved stress response. Several other parameters in your plant will be affected:



What is so special about WUXAL Ascofol formulations?

The seaweed for the WUXAL Ascofol products is freshly harvested by hand and further processed by highly effective and mild extraction methods. In this way the superior quality of the concentrated active ingredients is preserved. Before all the single raw materials are formulated into the WUXAL Suspension, the quality of each parameter is controlled.


Through this we can offer you:

  • Protection of high yields and excellent quality parameters
  • Quick and effective nutrition
  • High and reliable nutrient contents
  • Excellent additive value like sticker properties
  • Highest convenience during application


To achieve high yields with an excellent quality, you have to know your crop very well. Satisfying its nutritional needs is only one but very important aspect to get there. The complete portfolio of WUXAL Ascofol products gives you the possibility to guide your plants in the right direction, no matter what nutrients they need.



Have a look at the extended portfolio under myWUXAL.com or in the new product brochure we have available.


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