WUXAL Ascofol in asparagus

24.01.2020 – WUXAL Ascofol is one of the top sellers in the WUXAL portfolio. The biostimulant effect in combination with valuable nutrients gives you a great variability of usage.



Germany was the first country, WUXAL Ascofol was introduced to in 2002. The product is still successful in several crops. One of the first crops it has been applied to was asparagus. The young asparagus shoots are a popular spring vegetable in Germany.


Matthias Johnen is sales representative from our German distribution partner Hauert MANNA. In new asparagus plants, he recommends the application of WUXAL Ascofol in combination with WUXAL Top P. During cold times in spring, root development must be optimally supported. The seaweed in combination with boron and phosphorus is the perfect combination for that.



In preparation for high quality yields in the next year, he advises to use WUXAL Ascofol after sprouting to give the crop a good start in spring and to prevent from hollow stalks. The energy that is gained during summer and autumn is stored in the root system during winter and will be activated in spring.



Farmers like to use WUXAL Ascofol especially during hot and dry summer times.
Matthias Johnen, Hauert MANNA Germany


„Farmers like to use WUXAL Ascofol especially during hot and dry summer times. Plant stress is reduced by the seaweed and is additionally safe through the low salt concentrations in the product.” (Matthias Johnen, Hauert MANNA Germany)


Today, WUXAL Ascofol is a core product for many of our 60 partners worldwide. After 2002, WUXAL Ascofol was quickly introduced into several countries all over the world. The following markets are only a selection of the early days:


  • various European countries
  • Iran
  • Thailand
  • New Zealand
  • Uruguay


Top-selling countries and crops with highest importance today


Besides the plant extracts, WUXAL Ascofol contains high quantities of fully plant available nutrients. You can find detailed information on the product composition on myWUXAL.com.


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Your plants’ benefits from the containing Boron, Manganese and Zinc are:


  • Improved fruit set, higher fruit yield
  • More stable cell walls – improved firmness of fruit and leaf tissue
  • Higher brix degrees in fruit and tuber crops
  • Improved plant health
  • Stimulation of the growth hormone Auxin

Increasing plant stress, unpredictable weather conditions and the need for a sustainable food production are the challenges that we must cope with. With the extension of the WUXAL Ascofol Range, we offer more options for an increasing market segment and provide solutions for today’s agriculture and horticulture.


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