WUXAL Terios Alga

19.02.2020 – The early nutrient demand of your crops is higher than you may think. Nutrient reserves inside the seed are limited. At the same time, the early root system is not yet capable of reaching all the nutrients in the soil around it. WUXAL crop-specific seed treatments increase the nutrient supply for young plants and help them develop faster and become more vital.



The addition of biostimulating substances to the seed will further enhance the overall performance of the developing plant, and thus upgrade the value of your seeds. The fast-growing nature of Ascophyllum nodosum makes it a very potent source of natural plant growth hormones. WUXAL Terios Alga has recently been developed for cereal seeds, providing a formulation of 100% water-soluble nutrients combined with stimulating extracts of the alga Ascophyllum nodosum.

Natural plant growth hormones in WUXAL Terios Alga stimulate:

  • Seed germination and establishment
  • Root growth
  • Stress resistance



Nutrient seed treatment has become an important benefit for optimal seed establishment. The enhanced nutrient levels can remarkably prolong the availability of nutrients to the plant during critical periods before leaves are sufficiently developed. Moreover, well-nourished plants are more resistant towards herbicide stress. WUXAL Terios Alga is the perfect choice to overcome stressful situations for the seedling, ensuring you the best crop performance.

WUXAL Terios Alga


  • Potent natural plant growth stimulator
  • 100% water-soluble nutrients
  • Cereal-specific nutrient composition
  • Fully EDTA-chelated micronutrients
  • WUXAL quality and formulation standards


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