GoFoliar Campaign

30.6.2020 – GoFoliar - "Increasing the Awareness for Foliar Nutrition"

The last years have shown a clear trend for the future of agriculture and horticulture. Regulatory issues, environmental impacts and other factors strongly influence the production and marketing of high-end premium special fertilizers. 


Foliar Fertilization has always been a key tool to increase quality and yield for all agricultural and horticultural crops. We believe, that this tool will gain more attraction in the future and will play a major role in the global food supply chain. 


Our aim is to deliver efficient and up-to-date premium products and market solutions for an ever changing world with a direct benefit for crops and farmers.


You can expect premium content for the following topics:


Regulatory - Foliar Fertilization as an flexible option

Nowadays farmers have to be all-rounders, taking a lot of different parameters into account when making decisions which resources to use. In the case of fertilizers the regulating authorities are getting more strict. With the use of foliar fertilizers you will still have a little more flexibility than with traditional ground fertilization and you still can be sure that the nutrients are delivered to the plants and deficiencies are cured in a minimum of time.


Environment - Impact of chemicals to our environment

As a producer of food crops, such as wheat, potatoes or other staple crops you want to make sure not to pollute your environment. On the one hand you are getting pressure to produce on a high level, quality- and quantity-wise on the other hand you need to take the impact on the environment into consideration. We can minimize the impact on ground water residues and other emissions by using efficient solutions.


Effects - Small amounts with big effects

"Small amounts with big effects" - is one of the major advantages of foliar fertilization. Some nutrients are only needed in g/ha. Why should you waste nutrients by applying them in the soil instead directly to the leaf, not being sure when the uptake takes place? You are getting rid of thinking of unavailable nutrient pools in the soil and dont need to make up your mind with a lot of other things. It is simple and effective.


Efficacy of foliar nutrition - Fast and reliable tools

Beeing a pioneer when it comes to the formulation and marketing of premium solutions for all agricultural and horticultural crops WUXAL knows your problems and has the right solution for you. The right combination of nutrients and an efficient set of additives deliver the result you expect.