Solutions in times of high prices

17.03.2022 – The current price situation on the fertilizer market continues to have a firm grip on agriculture worldwide. In the new episode of WUXAL Spotlight you will get a good solution to save money.



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The risk of increasing prices

In recent months, prices for N, P, K soil fertilizers and many other commodities have increased a lot. In some cases, not even the quantity that was demanded is available. For the agricultural sector this means a risk, that basic fertilization may be too low in some cases.


Saving money through higher efficiency

One way to get out of this situation as well as possible, and at lower cost, is to optimize the nutrient efficiency. In this way, you keep the raw material quantity that is used as low as possible with maximum benefit.

The nutrient efficiency of a repeated foliar fertilization with WUXAL, in contrast to soil fertilization, is many times higher and should therefore replace a part of your basic fertilization this year. This can save you money.


Combine WUXAL foliar fertilizer with other fertilizers

You cannot cover the complete nutrient demand, especially of N, P and K, through the foliage. But it can be covered to a certain extent. So, consider supplementing alternative sources of fertilizer: such as manure in combination with multiple applications of WUXAL.


The advantage of WUXAL is that the nutrients are completely absorbed by the plant and are not bound in the soil as in some parts of the soil fertilizers. The nutrients are absorbed very quickly and efficiently through the foliage. Specially developed additives and the unique WUXAL formulation technology ensure the optimal uptake and utilization of each nutrient.


Therefore, we recommend intensifying foliar fertilization with WUXAL for yield and quality assurance.


So, plan efficient foliar fertilization with WUXAL into your fertilization program today. You can find more information at


We wish you a successful season.


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