WUXAL - A success story

04.12.2019In 1963, WUXAL brand liquid products are launched in horticultural and agricultural markets around the world. Following the great success, the unique WUXAL Suspension Technology is introduced in 1975.



Since the beginning not only the appearance and quality of WUXAL products have changed a lot. But the brand name itself was slightly different if you have a closer look. WUXAL has always been developed and produced in Germany. You can even tell from the former brand name. “Wuchs” means “grow” in German.


Over the time, WUXAL products have gained a lot of importance globally. An increased awareness for foliar fertilization, innovative approaches and the excellent collaboration with our partners worldwide have led to an increased product presence and access to new markets. We are proud to have more than 120 customers in more than 75 countries by the end of 2019!



During the last 10 years, the volume of WUXAL Suspensions that is distributed per year has almost doubled. As a consequence, the production capacity of suspension fertilizers has been expanded. WUXAL Liquid sales could grow almost as strongly with an increase to almost 150%. WUXAL continuously invests in modern production technologies at its HQ in Düsseldorf, Germany. This guarantees smooth and efficient production processes.

In the future, further growth is expected. Especially climate change and more careful use of resources will be the drivers for an increasing demand of the effective and diverse WUXAL Foliar Fertilizers.


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