Introducing our new Website and myWUXAL App

13.02.2019 – With a fresh and new design of our Premium Brand WUXAL we are excited to introduce you to our re-designed brand appearance. The new look of is the first part of the international re-design of WUXAL.


On you will find profound knowledge of features and capabilities of WUXAL and foliar nutrition in general vividly described and illustrated. Browse at and find the many benefits WUXAL offers!


As the next part of our re-design we did a complete rework of our WUXAL App. We gave it a fresh look with convenient handling, added attractive information and named it myWUXAL.

myWUXAL will provide technical assistance as well as new functions to help you getting the best results possible. myWUXAL belongs to a completely new generation of apps called PWA (Progressive Web App) with many benefits.
Just to mention a few:


  • independent from user device (Desktop, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • no need to use the app stores
  • fully usable offline
  • easy and up-to-date information
  • easily adaptable



Check out for our new WUXAL App and experience it online or download myWUXAL to use it independently from internet accessibility where ever and whenever you want to. With myWUXAL you get all the information you need to get the most out of your crops, at home, in the field, online or offline:


  • product finder
  • deficiency finder
  • nutrition guide
  • compatibility info
  • product benefits