Impact on potatoes


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WUXAL® K40, WUXAL® Microplant and WUXAL® 39N increase marketable yield

Treatments: Control (Fertilization as done in all treatments), WUXAL® K40  3x 5 l/ha at 2-week-intervals starting 2 weeks after tuber initiation; WUXAL® Microplant 4x 2 l/ha + WUXAL® 39N 4x 5 l/ha at 2-week-intervals starting at tuber initiation; Conducted  by Peracto New Zealand Limited, New Zealand, 2016-2017








WUXAL® Top P enhances tuber set

Treatments: Control (no tuber treatment), WUXAL® Top P: tuber treatment  with 5 l/ha; Conducted by N.U. Agrar, Regensburg, Germany, 2004