WUXAL Brand Guidelines

06.08.2019 – The worldwide presence of our products will be strengthened in the future by a fresh communication. Energized images and an appealing language play a central role in the new design.


The brand guidelines explain the consistent story that makes out WUXAL and is easy to understand:


  • brand personality
  • key visual and language
  • brand Logos
  • imagery
  • illustrations


Find the right way to express yourself in the global sound of WUXAL's voice. Take advantage of the variety of possible uses and of the emotional visual language that is used in WUXAL’s communication.

No matter what packaging size you prefer, WUXAL has an appealing design for you in an unmistakable style.



In the same way numerous proposals for print and digital media are available in the new Brand Guidelines.


  • brand brochure
  • rollup banner
  • online media
  • templates



1 L, 5 L and 10 L packaging sizes and bulk sizes of 100 L, 200 L and 1000 L are available for both liquids and suspensions. 20 L canisters are used for liquids, 25 L drums for suspensions only.