The WUXAL Symphony

22.08.2019 – Farmers all over the world are facing their personal challenges just like you are. The key to success is knowing which instruments can meet for your specific challenges.

Your success depends on the perfect mix of instruments. Just as the violin in a harmonic orchestra WUXAL plays an important part in modern agricultural production. Take advantage of the premium WUXAL instruments and exploit the full potential of your crops.

WUXAL offers outstanding products for highest performance. It opens up new opportunities for your plants and is flexible and reliable during application.


The WUXAL Symphony is a central part of the new WUXAL Communication Concept and is included in the WUXAL Brand Package. For further questions please contact us.

From the development of the first WUXAL fertilizer in 1963, our innovations and production have always taken place in Germany. With constant improvements, we guarantee state-of-the-art formulations meeting the highest quality, safety and effectiveness standards. Our premium quality promise comes with complete service support for your investment.