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WUXAL Terios Asco

02/19/2020 –  The addition of biostimulating substances to the seed will further enhance the overall performance of the developing plant, and thus upgrade the value of your seeds.

WUXAL Ascofol in asparagus

01/24/2020 –  WUXAL Ascofol is one of the top sellers in the WUXAL portfolio. In Germany it is successfully used in asparagus.

Extended WUXAL Ascofol Portfolio

12/18/2019 –  Your crops face many stress factors throughout the season, from environmental stresses such as drought and heat to plant injuries or herbicide usage. WUXAL Ascofol products are a proven way of stimulating plant growth even in tough conditions.

WUXAL - A success story

12/04/2019 –  Over the last 10 years, WUXAL products, especially the state-of-the-art WUXAL Suspensions, have gained a lot of importance globally.

WUXAL Product Brochure

10/31/2019 –  The WUXAL Brand Package is now completed by the new Product Brochure, giving you an overview about the perfect protection for your crops and investments using WUXAL.

AGRI-Malaysia Trade Show

10/17/2019 –  This year we were able to join and support our long-standing WUXAL partner Agrobridge at the 2019 AGRI-Malaysia trade show, one of the most important agricultural fairs in Malaysia.

Seminar for Ukrainian farmers

10.10.2019 –  Professional farmers from Ukraine, together with our distribution partner Unifer, visited our headquarters in Germany. They learned how to improve spray solution properties with WUXAL and saw how WUXAL is being produced.

WUXAL Demo Kit

27.09.2019 –  What is different in WUXAL? This question often arises, when our products are on the test bench. We can give you easy answers for a complex question. And the best part is, we can also visualize the difference by using our Demo Kit!

Added Value of WUXAL

28.08.2019 –  What makes out the perfect product if you aim for highest yields and quality?

The WUXAL Symphony

22.08.2019 –  Farmers all over the world are facing their personal challenges just like you are. The key to success is knowing which instruments can meet for your specific challenges.

WUXAL Brand Guidelines

06.08.2019 –  Conclusive and appealing communication facilitates access to products. Find out how WUXAL can support you in your communication.

Seminario Caribe

16.07.2019 –  Our partners from Central America have gathered to discuss future developments in this region.

4th International WUXAL Conference

12.07.2019 –  At this year’s conference the present WUXAL characteristics and brand communication have been discussed as well as innovations for future times. Our partners from all over the world have supported us to be able to continuously offer the best solutions for your needs.

New international Brand Appearance of WUXAL

13.02.2019 –  With a fresh and new design of our Premium Brand WUXAL we are excited to introduce you to our re-designed brand appearance. The new look of wuxal.com is the first part of the international re-design of WUXAL.

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